Biking in PlaP

Biking in PlaP
Erin Owens and grampa Kennedy


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27th, 2011 WEDNESDAY

Hey there:

Ran in PlaP once over Easter. Ran on Tuesday the 26th at 7a.m. and ran today at 11a.m. Both today and yesterday were the Poplar Ave. Route.

Good to see comments on the last posting from Lance and William. Both give'n'er. Always nice to get feedback on the blog.

Today was great weather at 11a.m., calm and darn close to 20*C. I came flying upstairs and outside at shortly after 11a.m. I was wanting to start right at 11a.m. sharp but was running late with other chores. As soon as I stepped outside, I turned around and went back downstairs. I took off my shell, my long sleeve base layer and my t-shirt over that. I also scrapped my toque and gloves. I was way over dressed. I finally got going with just a t-shirt and running pants. I could have gone with running shorts instead of pants. Next time. It's a long winter to finally get to wearing summer running clothes again.

It felt good.

Kee give'n'er,

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