Biking in PlaP

Biking in PlaP
Erin Owens and grampa Kennedy


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27th, 2011 WEDNESDAY

Hey there:

Ran in PlaP once over Easter. Ran on Tuesday the 26th at 7a.m. and ran today at 11a.m. Both today and yesterday were the Poplar Ave. Route.

Good to see comments on the last posting from Lance and William. Both give'n'er. Always nice to get feedback on the blog.

Today was great weather at 11a.m., calm and darn close to 20*C. I came flying upstairs and outside at shortly after 11a.m. I was wanting to start right at 11a.m. sharp but was running late with other chores. As soon as I stepped outside, I turned around and went back downstairs. I took off my shell, my long sleeve base layer and my t-shirt over that. I also scrapped my toque and gloves. I was way over dressed. I finally got going with just a t-shirt and running pants. I could have gone with running shorts instead of pants. Next time. It's a long winter to finally get to wearing summer running clothes again.

It felt good.

Kee give'n'er,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WEDNESDAY the 20 of April 2011

We were in Ottawa last spring. The Tulips were out in full force. They are a gift from Holland steming bact to WW2 days. It's a great City to run in, lots of nice asphalt trails. Easy to get lost, which I did. I had to ask someone which direction was the football stadium. I knew which way to go to our b&b once I got back to the stadium. I made it; Karen was waiting.

I ran this morning. Did the Poplar Ave. Route again. I was hoping for a better time than yesterday. I got it, but not much better. Took me 43 minutes. A nice enough morning for running. Around zero degrees celcius. A little breeze. I still had mitts on and a toque.

Easter Week-end coming up. I'll be running in Plap.

Have a Happy Easter,
keep give'n'er,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TUESDAY the 19th of April

Did the Poplar Avenue Route. A slow one. The 4 miles took me 45 minutes this morning. Usually, after the first 3 to 5 minutes, I feel loosened up and get into my pace. That happens around the railway tracks at Morley's. I leave home and run across the Ag. Path, down to Morleys, cross the tracks and right there, I feel ready to run. After the tracks, there is that little down hill grade and everything seems to fall into place. I'm ready for the hill and 83 and the rest of the run.

Not so this morning. Yesterday, I didn't run but rather biked out to Pretty Valley. That's 33 miles and 1 hour and 54 minutes. Perhaps a little much for the first bike outing. My legs were stiff this morning. My whole run seemed like a warm up run and I never really got going. Short steps, stiff legs, pounding away and leaning too far ahead - like I was bucking head wind.

Oh well. Not everyday is a perfect run. Maybe next time out.

Seen another runner this morning. I think it was Jolie Verbo, but I'm not sure. It could have been somebody else?? I was on the Ag Path and she was going North on 9th Ave. She had a lime green shell on. and it was about a 1/4 to 7a.m.

Lots of Robins singing this morning. Still coolish tho - like a heavy white frost.

Keep give'n'er,
It's going to warm up,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SUNDAY the 17th of April

What's your plan "B", because you can't outrun this guy.

But don't let that stop you from running!
Just have a plan "B", that's all.

Ran the old by-pass this morning. 4.65 miles @ 45 minutes. Started at 7:08a.m. and finished up at 7:53a.m. Nice morning, calm, about -3*C.

Never run into a bear but did encounter two dogs. A blak one at the place just East of the old drive in theatre. And a white one at the house by Spruce Products on the curve. No problem they just came out and barked a bit. Any dog that lives along a highway and is a survivor has learned the danger of traffic and most likely won't come out full bore.

Keep give'n'er,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday the 15h of April, 2011

Ran this morning at 1/4 to 7a.m. Did the Poplar Ave Loop. It was good. I added a bit to the run to make it 4 miles instead of 3.5 miles and it took me 40 minutes. So, a 10 minute mile. There is a reason I'm so slow - the picture above is worth a thousand words and 10lbs.

Met Angela at the Arena this morning. She was finsihing up her run as I was just getting started.

Talked to Lance and he's give'n'er on his bike.

Talked to Val and she's thinking of going back to Hawaii.

Talked to Barnes and he's logging miles and doing speed work in prep for the 1/2.

THE 1/2
We've all heard this conversation. "Are you running a Marathon this year?" "Nah, just doing the half", will be the reply, almost sheepishly. But...... the fact is, running a half takes guts and determination. It takes fuelling stategies, pacing, when to drink water. And, it takes work - lots of it.

Looking back at some of the Valley locals times in the 2010 Mb. Marathon for the 1/2. Peter Tokar 1:37:10, Brett Yakielashek 1:45:50, Kevin Seib 1:50:50, Joey Slack 1:51:51, Garry Kennedy 1:57:10, Kaili Sauder 2:04:54, Tracey Hagglund 2:06:17

So, keep give'n'er Barnes,
good luck in training,
blow your 2009 record out of the water,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April the 13th, 2011

Hi there:

Back at 'er.

Did the Poplar Avenue Loop this morning. It was deja vu - just like wintertime; like -10*C at 10 to 7a.m. I had a toque, tube, mitts, all the winter running gear on. The only thing different was that at 10 to 7a.m. it was daylight.

I never ran much over the winter. Very little. In fact, I took in way more calories than I burned. Consequently, I'm paying for it now. I'm a good 10 pounds over my running weight and my speed is, well, it's not speed. Like starting at mile zero.

But anyway, I'm going to get back into it. Today was my first Poplar Avenue run (which is 3.47 miles). Last week I went out and did two laps in the Legion Park in the mornings. I ran at 11a.m.; I thought I'd try that time slot and it was good. But, there is so much daylight now in the mornings that I'm thinking I'll go back to running first thing in the morning. I sort of like that spot as the run gets done right off the hop and the rest of the day is free. Come June, there will be so much daylight before 8a.m. that one could run at 4 or 5 a.m. and still be in daylight. Might as well take advantage of that while it's with us. January and February are pretty black running times, even at 8a.m.

Maybe see you out there sometime.

This summer, we can do the Rodeo run again 5k/10k. And, I'd like to do a trail run behind Glad Lake and up Corpanicus Hill sometime. (Dan Fawcett has done this and he says it's a good one). Any other runs that you might have in mind? Let us know and we can put word out on the blog.

Have a good one and a good 2011 summertime coming up,
Keep give'n'er,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

FEBRUARY 26th, 2011 saturday

Hey, how's it going?

I did a 5 mile run the other day at a mile and a 1/4 track out by Gord's ball diamond. It was hot and sunny. I biked over to the track (about 6 miles), then run 4 laps on the track and then biked back home. I was well in the 90's f (30+*C). I ran the first lap with a black t-shirt on and had to take it off for the rest of the laps. My face was burning hot when I finished. Like a furnace. There was a strong Texas wind as well. I finished the run at a water fountain and drank my fill and layed down in the shade to cool off before I biked home. The trail was nice, it is small stone gravel and it went around the outside of the ball parks. The ball parks are nice c/w flood lights for night. They don't have the wind protection like at the Legion Park. Some days it's a battle; both teams have to fight the wind.

Today (this morning) I did laps in the pool here in the park for 3/4 of an hour before breakfast. Then I joined 5 other guys on a bike tour for a couple hours. We just left the park and headed down to a golf course called Tierra Santa and then back.

It's getting warm now. It's 20 after 12 noon. Our computer is in a "Texas Room" which is attached to the trailer and it gets hot. I have all the blinds pulled and a fan on.

Hey Lance. How's your planter fettitus or whatever it's called. That is the dambdest thing. I suffered thru that too and it was like I stepped on a spike. Barnes and Rob had a bout with it too. You'll get better; it just takes time. It goes away and what or how that happens??? I don't know.

Keep give'n'er you guys,
keep running,