Biking in PlaP

Biking in PlaP
Erin Owens and grampa Kennedy


Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday the 15h of April, 2011

Ran this morning at 1/4 to 7a.m. Did the Poplar Ave Loop. It was good. I added a bit to the run to make it 4 miles instead of 3.5 miles and it took me 40 minutes. So, a 10 minute mile. There is a reason I'm so slow - the picture above is worth a thousand words and 10lbs.

Met Angela at the Arena this morning. She was finsihing up her run as I was just getting started.

Talked to Lance and he's give'n'er on his bike.

Talked to Val and she's thinking of going back to Hawaii.

Talked to Barnes and he's logging miles and doing speed work in prep for the 1/2.

THE 1/2
We've all heard this conversation. "Are you running a Marathon this year?" "Nah, just doing the half", will be the reply, almost sheepishly. But...... the fact is, running a half takes guts and determination. It takes fuelling stategies, pacing, when to drink water. And, it takes work - lots of it.

Looking back at some of the Valley locals times in the 2010 Mb. Marathon for the 1/2. Peter Tokar 1:37:10, Brett Yakielashek 1:45:50, Kevin Seib 1:50:50, Joey Slack 1:51:51, Garry Kennedy 1:57:10, Kaili Sauder 2:04:54, Tracey Hagglund 2:06:17

So, keep give'n'er Barnes,
good luck in training,
blow your 2009 record out of the water,

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