Biking in PlaP

Biking in PlaP
Erin Owens and grampa Kennedy


Saturday, February 26, 2011

FEBRUARY 26th, 2011 saturday

Hey, how's it going?

I did a 5 mile run the other day at a mile and a 1/4 track out by Gord's ball diamond. It was hot and sunny. I biked over to the track (about 6 miles), then run 4 laps on the track and then biked back home. I was well in the 90's f (30+*C). I ran the first lap with a black t-shirt on and had to take it off for the rest of the laps. My face was burning hot when I finished. Like a furnace. There was a strong Texas wind as well. I finished the run at a water fountain and drank my fill and layed down in the shade to cool off before I biked home. The trail was nice, it is small stone gravel and it went around the outside of the ball parks. The ball parks are nice c/w flood lights for night. They don't have the wind protection like at the Legion Park. Some days it's a battle; both teams have to fight the wind.

Today (this morning) I did laps in the pool here in the park for 3/4 of an hour before breakfast. Then I joined 5 other guys on a bike tour for a couple hours. We just left the park and headed down to a golf course called Tierra Santa and then back.

It's getting warm now. It's 20 after 12 noon. Our computer is in a "Texas Room" which is attached to the trailer and it gets hot. I have all the blinds pulled and a fan on.

Hey Lance. How's your planter fettitus or whatever it's called. That is the dambdest thing. I suffered thru that too and it was like I stepped on a spike. Barnes and Rob had a bout with it too. You'll get better; it just takes time. It goes away and what or how that happens??? I don't know.

Keep give'n'er you guys,
keep running,


Barnes said...

been wearing out the treadmill these days. Just doesn't want to warm up. Looking forward to running outside again.
16 weeks till the marathon so the training has begun.

Dennis Affleck said...

What's up with your email Garry?